Adam McGill


Born in Portland, OR, raised in Chicago, IL and Abilene, TX, and baptized in Alabama, no matter what part of the country he was in while growing up, Adam has always had close ties to the Lord’s church. Due to this exposure early in life, he began making big decisions about his future. While in junior high school, he was given the opportunity to learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was then that Adam responded to the call to be baptized and began serving as one of the Lord’s soldiers. 

A teacher by trade, Adam has shared his strengths in teaching by working with the congregations’s Education Ministry focusing on making an impact on memebers with a solid Christian education. He has served as a Bible class instructor for many years and worked to guide the efforts of the Sick and Shut-in and Young Adult ministries.

Given his love for education, his passion to study the Word, and his dedication to his role of deacon, Adam was selected to serve as our Assistant Minister.

Trained directly by Dr. Orpheus J. Heyward, Adam has developed excellent preaching and church development abilities. Adam studies fervently to be sure he extracts just the right content for the audience. When he preaches, he draws you into the topic and has a special way of sharing biblical content in a clear and concise manner that is also relevant to the present-day culture.  

He is as down to earth as they come. He is approachable, earnest and committed to serving his church family in as many ways as he can.  

Adam is married to Sheree McGill and they have two children.