Marcel Combs - Deacon


Ministries: Senior Citizens and Adult Education

How were you introduced to the Church of Christ?

I got baptized at the West End congregation in January of 1999, after my wife was baptized the previous December.  I came to a service for the first time on New Years Eve and continued to go every Sunday after that. I learned more about the Word of God in those first four weeks of attending West End than I probably learned in all of my previous years of going to church.

I wanted to become a deacon because I truly believe that to “whom much is given, much is required” and God has given me so much. Serving as a deacon in the Lord’s church will not only allow me to meet the needs of the congregation, but will also allow me to grow in all areas of my spiritual and personal life.

Marcel worships with his wife Stephanie and they have two children.

My Favorite Scripture:

My favorite scripture is Romans 12:1-2 because it continues to be more like my conscience on a day-to-day basis and it keeps me in check.

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