Dr. Orpheus J. Heyward


Originally from New York, he made Atlanta his home as he joined the church in 2003 as Assistant Minister. In just three short years after his arrival, he was ordained as the full-time Senior Minister of the West End Church of Christ, what we now know as the Renaissance Church of Christ.

His study of the bible is constant.  Having received his Masters of Arts in Theology, Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies and later completing his doctorate degree in Theological Exegesis, his biblical expertise, and understanding of the Word is supreme.

He works diligently to ensure his sermon delivers an impactful message in a way that is relevant to all members. His oratorical gift stems from his love and reverence for Jesus Christ and his dedication to studying the Word.  Blessed with the ability to reveal the truth as it appears in the bible, his sermons have led thousands to be converted in their heart, choose to put Jesus first and be baptized.  A mix of sound doctrine, a dose of practical biblical application, and a dash of down to earth humor he delivers the perfect recipe for the church to experience continued growth. New baptisms and newly placed memberships take place each week.

Just as important to Dr. Orpheus J. Heyward as devoting time to study, he has made it a point to form strong bonds with the members of the church. In addition, he invests time in mentoring young upcoming ministers.

As much as he challenges himself, he also challenges each one of us to center our lives on Jesus and expand our knowledge. He encourages taking notes on Sunday, attending bible class, re-listening to Sunday sermons online, and sharing our gifts doing ministry work where we can spend time among like-minded people.

Due to his acknowledged expertise in presenting the word of God, Dr. Orpheus J. Heyward is frequently requested to speak on national and regional lectureships, and conducts revivals all across the country.

Dr. Orpheus J. Heyward is considered one of the most dynamic and scripturally sound gospel preachers among churches of Christ today. He is able to articulate with profound simplicity the word of God, and provide practical applications for everyday challenge.