We want your visit with us to be a pleasant one. 


Whether you heard of us from a friend, are coming from a different church, or perhaps you’ve never visited a church before, what matters most is that you are always welcome here. 

As you plan your visit, you may have questions about what to expect. We aim to keep things simple and straightforward to ensure that you are well informed before you arrive. 

WECOC Worship.jpg

Our worship service respectfully gives reverence to God through spiritual song guided by experienced song leaders. You’ll witness an acapella (singing without use of any music or instruments) experience that is unlike any other. We praise God and we lift up one another through song. Each Sunday we hear a powerful lesson from our knowledgeable minister, Dr. Orpheus J. Heyward, to guide us and prepare us for the week ahead. Our worship services generally follow this format: 

  • Pre-Worship – A Song

  • Our Welcome

  • Announcements

  • Call to Worship

  • Song

  • Communion/Lord’s Suppper

  • Song

  • Offering

  • Scripture Reading

  • Prayer

  • Song

  • Sermon

  • Invitation (to become baptized)

  • Benediction (God’s blessing, read aloud, for the congregation)

  • Closing Prayer


We welcome you to worship with us on any Sunday, or any other time we have classes or events, whether you are a member, a family member or friend, or just curious to know more about Jesus Christ and His church. 


We take the Lord’s Supper every Sunday in remembrance of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for all of us. At this time in the worship service, we reflect on Christ’s suffering and sacrifice for each of us and all of mankind. The unleavened bread represents His body. The cup or fruit of the vine represents the covenant in His blood and the forgiveness of sins His death provided for us all.  

Communion packets are individually packaged and can be picked up from our greeters as you arrive. The packets are also made available inside the sanctuary for those that did not receive one from the ushers upon arrival on Sunday morning.


Offering is a time that our congregation gives a monetary gift to help the congregation sustain its general operating expenses, outreach programs and staff (2 Corinthians 9:6-7).

Visitors are not expected to participate in this act of worship as you are our honored guests. All monetary donations are appreciated and will be put to use in the most effective manner possible.



Be sure to pick up a Visitor’s Card so we know how to keep in touch with you. 

If we get your visitor’s card before the start of service, we will recognize and greet you more formally. At the end of worship service you will have the opportunity to receive a free audio CD of that morning’s sermon. 

You can also text WELCOME to 678-245-4457 to let us know you visited with us.



In order to keep our sanctuary a most pristine place to worship, we ask that all food or drink be eaten outside of this space. With the exception of water, no food or drink is allowed. Help us keep the building clean by consuming all food, drinks and snacks prior to arrival and outside of the sanctuary.